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Caroline Hardaker
Children's Physiotherapy 

07889 337779
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Caroline excels at the assessment and treatment of children and young people with neurodisability. Whether you are looking for a one-off assessment and treatment plan, or regular hands on physiotherapy for your child; Caroline brings the fun to Physio.

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Children should be free to play, not stuck in a boring therapy session!
By engaging your child in activities that they enjoy, Caroline can sneak physio into play. Rest assured that following a thorough assessment, the individual program that Caroline provides will work for your child and your family.
Physio can take place anywhere that works for your child; from swimming pools to soft play centres, the gym to the beach, there is nowhere that is off limits.
Sessions can be face to face for children living in South Devon or via video call for those further afield. South Devon is a beautiful place to combine a family holiday with an intensive therapy block. Whatever you’re looking for; please get in touch and see how Caroline can help your child.
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Appointments can be available Monday to Friday. Caroline understands how difficult it can be if only one parent can attend an appointment, or if you are trying to entertain your child whilst discussing complex medical treatments. Caroline wants you to have the time and space to talk about your child. By offering appointments at a time that suits you, she hopes that you can have all the people that you would like to have present for the conversation.
For video sessions, Caroline will ask for specific short video clips in advance so that your child is under no pressure to perform for the lady on the screen! A brief written report in parent friendly language is included with every initial assessment.
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Gait analysis: if you are looking to optimise your child’s walking ability why not consider a gait assessment package? Available as a face to face appointment only, Caroline has trained under the world renowned Physiotherapist Elaine Owen MBE MSc SRP MCSP and will conduct a detailed assessment of all lower limb muscle length, strength and spasticity together with 2D video gait analysis to determine which orthotics and what treatment will optimise your child’s walking. An extensive recommendations report is provided to take back to your NHS team.
fun physio for your superstar
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