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Caroline Hardaker
Children's Physiotherapy

07889 337779
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"Caroline guided my daughter, who was three at the time, through her intensive physiotherapy post SDR at Bristol Children's Hospital. We also saw her for our review visits and I touched base over the phone. As a parent I always felt listened to, supported and encouraged by Caroline. She took time to consider my thoughts and guide me to finding the best thing for my daughter. Her work with my daughter was productive, engaging and fun! She could get her working hard even with little left in the tank, with the bonus of a laugh and a smile from my little one. I must also compliment Caroline's knowledge of Peppa Pig! Fantastic and very knowledgeable physio."


"Caroline supported my son last year post SDR surgery at Bristol Children's. Caroline is understanding, knowledgeable and thorough. We always felt at ease with her adaptable and fun approach to rehabilitation physio. In my 9 year old son's words; she never gives up on any child and always believes in you. I can't thank Caroline enough for her support and encouragement."
Gemma & Josh

"Caroline advised us remotely about our daughter who has extreme hypermobility and consequently had delayed motor development. Although we received NHS paediatric and physio care, it was really beneficial to suplement this with Caroline's knowledge and advice.

Due to Covid-19, Caroline assessed video clips of my daughter moving and gave me appropriate exercises. Crucially, she was very supportive, caring, encouraging and reassuring, which I am really grateful for. I would highly recommend Caroline."


"Caroline is an exceptional physiotherapist. She is kind, thorough and honest; and brilliant at engaging with children. She is hugely experienced and knowledgable and will offer any child the best service and treatment."

Beth, former colleague, Bristol Royal Hospital for Children

"We had the pleasure and privilege of having the amazing Caroline for our daughter's physiotherapist before and after her SDR surgery from around 18 months to 5 years old. Caroline is so friendly, very approachable and extremely supportive. We were always kept well informed at every stage."


"We are very lucky to have Caroline as part of our team; she is a fantastic physio.

Caroline is enthusiastic, friendly and patient. She motivates our son, engages him, works through his stroppy moments and understands him.

Caroline is so flexible with her approach; she is happy to try new things and really works hard to get the best out of our son. We’ve seen immediate improvements.


Caroline came to see my daughter as we were concerned about some delays with her gross motor skills. Caroline was wonderful - reassuring, kind and calm - and she gave us a thorough assessment and lots of recommendations and advice to help build my daughter's strength and movement.

I recommend her very highly!



We feel very lucky to have met Caroline and have her as part of our team.

She is kind, helpful, approachable and always goes the extra mile to find out information and work out new ways to best help my daughter. She is a wealth of knowledge and an outstanding physio. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough!!


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